Diamond Rotation Arm Wall Saw

Powerful electric wall saw for cutting concrete walls and masonry up to 410 mm deep, with water-cooled high-frequency motor and wireless remote control.

    WS76 H
Nominal power kW 14
Output power kW 11
Rated speed of the spindle 1/min 1100-1700
Saw blade diameter mm 750/930
Cutting depth mm 320/410
Feed power – longitudinal and dip feed N 2000
Speed – longitudinal feed m/min 0-3
Speed – dip feed 1/min 0-1
Weight kg 28,5
Blade fixture mm 1“ (25,4)
Saw flange for flush cut   TK90, 6xM8
  • Very powerful, water-cooled high frequency motor with 11 kW
  • High feed power of the longitudinal and dip feed
  • Motor can be disconnected from the machine basis without any tools
  • Variable spindle speed
  • Gear with oil bath lubrication and overload clutch
  • Torsion resistant track with wear resistant taper gibs made of stainless steel
  • Splash water proof according IP 55
  • Blade guard for flush cutting as accessory
  • Cutting of concrete walls and masonry up to 410 mm
  • Controlled demolition during refurbishment
  • Flush cutting
WS7620 Wall saw carriage cpl. with motor
WS7532 Blade guard - standard 750mm, with visor, max. blade-Ø 750mm
WS7532.95 Blade guard - 950mm, with visor, max. blade-Ø 930mm
WS7534 Flush blade guard 750mm, with distributor nozzle, max. blade-Ø 750mm
WS7534.95 Flush blade guard 950mm, with distributor nozzle, max. blade-Ø 930mm
WS7542 Guide-way - standard, 2,18m long
WS7544 Guide-way - short, 1,09m long
WS7546 Fixing bracket
WS7548 Stop dog
WS7550 Connector Bridge
WS7556F Hand control box cpl. for WS76H
8792511 Motor cable AC/DC, cpl. with plugs and cord glands
WS7570 Trolley for the wall saw