What is WEKA R+S?

WEKA R+S is a rental offer from WEKA. You do no longer buy, you rent. This offer refers to WEKA core drills, hand saws and wall saws, including full service for a period of four years. You pay a monthly fee by standing order and thus you have fixed quantifiable costs and don’t have to consider big capital investment, depreciation, arising costs for repairs and the failure of a machine. We do all of that for you.

Who is offering WEKA R+S?

You can sign a rental agreement with all registered WEKA partners for a machine of your choice which is integrated in the rental program and pay a monthly rental fee to this partner. If at any time a defect occurs with your rental machine the partner arranges an exchange of your machine free of charge within 24 hours*!
* Experience shows that a delivery within 24 hours can be achieved, but cannot be guaranteed. WEKA is not liable for potential delays of transport.

How is the exchange with WEKA R+S organized?

In case of a defect of your rental machine you directly contact the partner with which you have signed the rental agreement. The partner arranges the exchange of the machine within 24 hours. The machine will be delivered to you in a transport box in which you directly pack the defective machine. You neither need packaging material nor shipping documents. You just fix the enclosed shipping label to the box, that’s all. Accessory like flat wrenches, handles or centering spikes are not handed over.

What is incluced in WEKA R+S?

All faults of material and design, general wear as well as a free collect and bring service of the exchange unit.

What is not incluced in WEKA R+S?

Improper use, e.g. damaged casings, case parts, water connections and handles, as well as missing parts, wrong mains voltage and overvoltage particularly when using at a generator, use of dirty water, interference of non-authorized personnel, manipulations, improper repair and use of foreign material are not included.

Can I buy the service package without rental?

Yes, when buying the machine you additionally can buy the service package for one year up to a maximum of four years. For that purpose you pay a fixed-sum service fee for one full year when you buy the machine and you get the same service as described above. You can choose whether you want to sign the service contract for only one, two or three years and apply for an extension after expiry of the contract. Or you directly buy the service for four full years when buying the machine.