KS30 (L)

Diamond Drill Rig

Drill bit diameter: max. 150 mm
Weight: 13 kg

Core drillings up to Ø 350mm, stand base made of steel or aluminum, robust roller guide ensures precise drilling, easy installation of the drill thanks to a quick-change system.

  KS30KS30 EKS30SKS30 ES
Feed waymm580
Drill bit length max.mm560
Drill bit diameter max.mm300 – with distance plate 350
Inclinationdegreeover 45
Rig foot Combined footCombined footSteelSteel
Machine fixture Quick change plate
Guidance Stainless Steel Rail and RollersPlastic RollersStainless Steel Rail and RollersPlastic Rollers
  • Solid, torsion-resistant drill column made of high-tensile aluminium-alloy
  • Adjustabel ball bearing supported roller guidance made of stainless steel
  • Feed carriage slides absolutely free from backlash
  • Quick change plate for fastening the drilling machine
  • Combined rig foot, can be fixed with dowels and vacuum or very robust steel base
  • High bending and vibration stability together with a very low weight
  • Gear rack made of wear resistant steel
  • Stop bolt at the carriage to apply the wrench for loosen the tool
  • Measuring scale for adjusting the inclination
  • Ergonomically designed hand wheel, can be fixed left and right without tools, easy selection of the operating side
  • Levels and adjusting screws for precise vertical and horizontal alignment of the rig
  • Wheels and two adjustable swing feet
  • Vacuum fittings, gasket and water collecting ring as accessory
  • Distance plate for a max. drill bit diameter of 350mm as accessory
  • Verions KS30 E und KS 30 S available
 KS30KS30 EKS30 SKS30 ES
Combined rig foot, can be fixed with dowels and vacuumXX  
Steel foot  XX
Swing feetX XX
Stainless Steel Rail and RollersX X 
Plastic Rollers  X X
WheelsX XXX
  • The drill rig KS 30 is characterized by a wide range of applications. Bore holes with medium diameter can be drilled fast and safe in the entire field of the construction industry
  • The combined rig foot with vacuum fixture can be used for special surfaces, e.g. tiles
  • Recommended for WEKA diamond core drilling machines type DK26, DK32, SR25 and SR38.
KS3070Vacuum adaptor for KS 30, clp. with seal
WR202Water collecting ring für KS30 (E,S), cpl. with seal disk, max. drill Ø 200 mm
KS30756CDistance plate for KS30 (E,S), max. drill Ø 350 mm
KS30780Middle pointer for KS30 (E,S), for SR25-38
KS30780.1Middle pointer for KS30 (E,S), for DK2-5