SR65 Jumbo (S)

Diamond Core Drill

Drilling range: 120-500 mm
Nominal power: 7500 W
Speeds: 6

Extremely powerful, water-cooled SR motor with 7500W, robust construction thanks to full metal housing, oil lubrication gear, overload clutch and oil pump.


  SR65 / SR6508SR65 S
Rated VoltageV400 3~400 3~
Rated currentA1515
Nominal powerW75007500
Output powerW57005700
Rated speed (6 steps)1/min140-305260-560
Total length without handlemm515440
Weight without cablekg18,314,7
Drilling Ø concrete c.mm120-50080-350
Tool fixture 1 1/4″ / M33/31 1/4″
Foot fastening 6 x M8 with groove x 4,3
  • Very powerful, water cooled SR-motor; low in maintenance, due to no carbon brushes and turning windings
  • High performance – compact design, low weight
  • Six finely matched steps for a perfect adjustment of the revolution speed.
  • Gear with oil bath lubrication, oil pump and high-duty overload clutch
  • Splash water proof according IP 55, ready for drilling overhead without any further precautions
  • Simple to use keypad and display, showing drilling diameter and error analysis
  • Soft turn – screwing speed for easy assembling of the bit
  • Wet drilling of medium and large holes in ceilings, floors and walls
  • Through-holes for cables, cable trays and pipes
  • Corner holes for sawing
  • Stitch drilling of through-holes in plumbing, and air conditioning installations
  • Holes for ducts, foundations
AZ30405Adapter sleeve M33/3 to 1 1/4"
AZ30408Adapter sleeve 1 1/4" to M33/3
AZ30410Extension M33/3 to M33/3, 300mm long
AZ30450C6-hole flange with M33/3 connection thread complete, SW46
AZ30450.2C4-hole flange with M33/3 connection thread complete, SW46
AZ30450.5C6-hole flange with M33/3 connection thread complete, SW50
BA50Automatic drill system, feed power 5000 N
CP30Laserpointer for drilling exactly centrical, tool fixture 1 1/4" UNC, with batteries