Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, herewith we inform you about news and changes that have been implemented in the past year and will still be carried out. 1. New website and newsletter As you might already have realized, we have updated our website. We hope that you like the site and are prepared to receive your suggestions and critique. There is now added a detailed download range which supplies following information: Operators manuals, repair manuals, sparte parts drawings and lists. You can this easier and quicker inform yourself about all changes and improvements by logging in with your user name and password, in case you already have this. Otherwise you can apply for it on the website. Further more we inform you in the future with our Newsletter about important information, like changes on products, price adaptions or news. You can also apply for the newsletter on our website. 2. Deliveries by DHL By the participation in the GOGREEN program from DHL, we make a contribution to the climate protection already since beginning of 2010. There for every package that we send, a certain amount is paid from us to DHL which is invested in climate protection programs. The GOGREEN certificate which confirms the compensation of 2,83 tons CO2 in 2012 you can find under following link: The up to date certificate is not available yet. By this contribution however, we have not increased the freight costs which we bill you. Further information about the climate protection projects can be seen under 3. SR-exchange service As already informed previously we offer an SR exchange service for our SR-machines. In the following we inform you once more what is included in this service and how this works: If a customer has a problem with his SR machine, he calls us. We send at the same day – if we receive the phone call until 2 p.m. – an exchange machine in a red exchange box in which already the return paperwork for the carrier is included directly to the desired address. There the damaged machine must be kept at hand and changed directly in presence of the carrier. Alternatively the box can be given to DHL the next day or brought to the next DHL point. After repair the reexchange happens accordingly. During the warranty period we offer this service free of charge. If the machine has been damaged by use of force or after the warranty period we charge 20 € for the exchange service, i.e. only a part of the cost. The exchange machine itself remains free of charge until the customer machine is not more than three years old. To ensure a quick process of the exchange service, we kindly ask you that the damaged machine as well as our rental machine is returned to us immediately, the latest after two days. Further more we ask you to approve estimates for the repair within two days. Although we have established a free of charge service and thus our operators have an enormous advantage which they do have at our competitors only with a service contract against payment, the exchange cycles often take several weeks. The operators work in this time not only free of charge with the rental machines which we have to maintenance on our cost, but also we have by this fact too many machines in use which cause extreme costs. Before each shipment of a rental machines, we send an order confirmation in which we kindly ask you to confirm the shipping details. On the confirmation we also point out that we will charge 5 €/day for exceeding the time limits. We kindly ask you for your understanding that we will charge the rental fee when exceeding the time limit consequently. Unfortunately this service can due to logistical reasons only be offered in Germany. As in our opinion however this kind of service indispensable we kindly ask you as our sales partners to offer a similar service on your own in other countries. We may support you with corresponding transport boxes and rental machines. If you need assistance in organizational matters, please do not hesitate to contact us. 4. Speeds on the name plates Already since mid 2008 on our name plates according to EN standards we mention no load speeds. This circumstance has already several times caused confusion and is still claimed unfortunately. Please inform your customers accordingly and point out that the load speeds are printed in the operators manuals and have not changed. 5. PRCD on SR25 and SR38 The European regulation EN61029 has been updated, thereby the former version became invalid in which all diamond core drills with water supply and a protection class ≥IP44 don’t have to be fitted with a PRCD as the danger by entering water does not exist when the machine is intact. Now all diamond core drills with water supply for use at 230/110V have to be fitted with a PRCD. Thus we supply from January 2014 on the SR25 and SR38 with a PRCD. Unfortunately we therefore have to adapt the prices of both machines. The new list prices are: SR25(S)        –    2425,– € SR38(S)        –    2665,– € 6. PRCD / PRCDS Very often there is lack of clarity about the fact if our core drills have to be operated with a PRCDS.  In the following we convey the fact as it arises from the information no. 608 (BGI 608) from the German health and safety association. 1. Our diamond core drills are manufactures according to the European safety standard EN60745. In this standard explicit the use of the PRCD is instructed and as far as we know all manufacturers of core drills use this PRCD. 2. If we would use the PRCDS as personal safety device, the machines could not be used on generators and also there would be problems in using the machine on a socket with a bridge between PE and N. Further more the price would be approx. three times higher compared to the PRCD. 3. The German health and safety association can only declare recommendations, i.e. there is no direction of this association to PRCD/PRCDS 4. The reason why the association urges to use the PRCDS is just the very often faulty installation feeding points (sockets, etc.). There most serious accidents can happen by electric shocks. The operator – in this case the drilling and sawing company – thereby according to his prevention responsibility has to care for sockets that are proper in safety-relations every time he operates machines via sockets that are not connected to a properly installed worksite distribution board. He can check these sockets by measuring or by simply pre-connecting a PRCDS. Now two rules collide. On the one hand there is the rule for manufacturing a core drill which is fulfilled by us and on the other side there is the rule for operating this drill. Not the manufacturer, but the operator is requested to pay attention that his devices and machines are only operated on properly installed feeding points. This can only be decided by the operator on-site and never the manufacturer of the machine. The PRCDS is available with plug and connection and thus e.g. can be pre-connected to the distribution board (cable roller). Thus the BGI 608 is achieved. In case the socket is not ionstalled correctly, the PRCDS can not be switched on. Important is, that cable roller and extension cords have no fault. Please consider the safety on the job site very important and instruct the operator about the dangers and equipment for avoiding electric accidents. 7. Prickling on the machine Very often operators claim that mainly on SR-machines they get an electric shock which is in general described as an unpleasant tickling. In the following this phenomenon will be explained and  most of all operators shall be saved from exposing themselves to the danger of electric shocks. Core drill must be fitted with a ground wire according to the corresponding standards. The ground wire is extremely important, as it saves essentially from two dangers: 1. By water, humidity or failing of the inner isolation of the motor carryover voltages can occur. 2. When drilling into an electric line, the drill bit and thus the complete machine can be energized. In both cases the ground wire connects the casing with the zero potential (earth), thus bleeds off the electric current and isolates the operator from the dangerous potential. If the currents are higher than the mains fuse, or in case an earth leakage trip is pre-connected these devices will disconnect. If the ground wire is broken or if its electric resistance is increased by defects (bad contact) it will not function any more. In case of carryover voltages to the casing the operator will feel – depending on how good he is earthed – a more or less heavy electric shock. Electronic commutated machines are for radio interference suppression reasons fitted with so-called Y-capacitors. These capacitors are connected between live parts of the electronic and the touchable casing. As the capacity is limited for safety reasons only a small current is submitted to the case. If the ground wire is working correctly there is no nameable current, the operator does not feel anything. However in case the ground wire is faulty or even broken, the electric voltage is submitted to the casing which causes an appreciable electric shock when touching which should be under 3,5 mA though and thus can not be designated as dangerous. This phenomenon of “tickling” how it is often described by users can be designated as very significant as in general there is no damage on the machine, but vise versa a very big benefit as thereby the operator realizes that his ground wire is not working properly. In case of a real failure as described above, there can be a dangerous or even deadly electric shock. What must be done? If there is an electric shock, even if it is only a prickling or tickling this always means that the grounf wire is not functioning properly. In this case immediately pull the plug from the socket and check the installation. A skilled electrician is able to check the socket, extension cord and according to the advise of the German health and safety association also the cord of the machine and the machine itself with suitable devices. In no event the works with the machine can be continued as long as the reasons are clarified and the fault is eliminated. It can’t be pointed out often enough that the operator of electric devices has to care for operative condition of his machines, distribution boards, cords and socket devices. Moreover many do not know that they also have to care for properly working mains supply in safety relations. Essentially this means that the ground wire in the socket has to be checked with according devices as described above before the plug is plugged in. The operator of electric devices is liable for accidents that happen because of designed or careless non-observance of the corresponding safety regulations. So – check the ground wire in the socket or pre-connect a PRCDS before the plug is connect with the socket and check electric devices like cable, plugs and machines regularly, the latest every six months according to the advise of the German health and safety association BGV A3. 8. Repair trainings In the coming year following dates are planned for repair trainings: 30.01 – 31.01    repair training English general 13.03 – 14.03    repair training German general 15.05 – 16.05    repair training German SR-machines 26.06 – 27.06    repair training English SR-machines 18.09 – 19.09    repair training German general 23.10 – 24.10    repair training English general 27.11 – 28.11    repair training German SR-machines Please register on time if needed. Further dates are of course possible. 9. Prices The spare parts prices will again not be increased in general but only those which must be adapted due to recalculations. These are:

Description Part no.old price [€]new price [€]
Sealing ring70140030,100,15
Double nipple70140021,332,99
Angle Screwing701501011,5011,90
Angle Screwing70150055,687,20
Locking screw70180081,101,35
Grip for ball valve70140053,305,20
Locking screw70140101,281,50
Angle Screwing70148686,857,80
Reducing nipple70381411,641,80
Case coverFU15537269,00279,00

Also for our service packages we had to adapt the prices. The increase represents 1,5%. The new prices are valid from 01.01.2014 on. If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. For 2014 we wish you, your family and your co-workers all the best and hope for further good cooperation. Best regards WEKA Elektrowerkzeuge Heike Ehrenfried Here you can download the text as pdf file.