Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

herewith we inform you about news and changes that have been implemented in the past year and will still be carried out.


1.    Prices for tools and spare parts

Because of rising costs in production and transport we are now forced to raise the prices for spare parts after approx. 15 years by 1,5%. The prices for tools will be raised by 0,5% for economic reasons. The delivery conditions will change as follows:

The costs for overpack and pallets will be eliminated.

Please consider our tool and spare part price lists.

The new prices are valid from 01.03.2015 on.

Following tools and spare part prices have to be adjusted separately. Since the wall saw WS75 (H,HF) will be in general delivered together with a trolley from January 2015 on a part of the additional costs is integrated in the tool costs.

Denomination    Standard Article-No.  old price [€] new price [€]
Wall saw cpl. with trolley  WS75H 14.900,0015.450,00
Wall saw cpl. with trolley  WS75HF15.400,0015.950,00
Frequency converter  FU15V 3.500,00 3.550,00
Frequency converter  FU15VF 3.750,00 3.800,00
Design cover for FU4 FU04503 5,10 12,50
Gas pressure spring 431501032,50 33,90
Quick connect socket DN7,2×97014030 10,20 11,90


2. Intellitronic for DK1 – DK3

As a result of the new regulation EN62841-1 a modification of the motor electronic was necessary. According to the new regulation an automatic restarting of a Diamond Core Drill when power is restored after a power failure has to be prevented. Please consider the modified integration of the electronic module in case of a service.


3. PRCD / PRCDS – BGI 608

Very often there is lack of clarity about the fact if our core drills have to be operated with a PRCDS.  In the following we convey the fact as it arises from the information no. 608 (BGI 608) from the German health and safety association.

1. Our diamond core drills are manufactures according to the European safety standard EN60745. In this standard explicit the use of the PRCD is instructed and as far as we know all manufacturers of core drills use this PRCD.

2. If we would use the PRCDS as personal safety device, the machines could not be used on generators and also there would be problems in using the machine on a socket with a bridge between PE and N. Further more the price would be approx. three times higher compared to the PRCD.

3. The German health and safety association can only declare recommendations, i.e. there is no direction of this association to PRCD/PRCDS

4. The reason why the association urges to use the PRCDS is just the very often faulty installation feeding points (sockets, etc.). There most serious accidents can happen by electric shocks. The operator – in this case the drilling and sawing company – thereby according to his prevention responsibility has to care for sockets that are proper in safety-relations every time he operates machines via sockets that are not connected to a properly installed worksite distribution board. He can check these sockets by measuring or by simply pre-connecting a PRCDS.

Now two rules collide. On the one hand there is the rule for manufacturing a core drill which is fulfilled by us and on the other side there is the rule for operating this drill.

Not the manufacturer, but the operator is requested to pay attention that his devices and machines are only operated on properly installed feeding points. This can only be decided by the operator on-site and never the manufacturer of the machine.

The PRCDS is available with plug and connection and thus e.g. can be pre-connected to the distribution board (cable roller). Thus the BGI 608 is achieved. In case the socket is not installed correctly, the PRCDS can not be switched on.

Important is, that cable roller and extension cords have no fault.

Please consider the safety on the job site very important and instruct the operator about the dangers and equipment for avoiding electric accidents.


4. Repair trainings

In the coming year following dates are planned for repair trainings:

05.02 – 06.02    repair training English general
05.03 – 06.03    repair training German general
23.04 – 24.04    repair training German SR-machines
25.06 – 26.06    repair training English SR-machines
24.09 – 25.09    repair training German general
29.10 – 30.10    repair training English general
26.11 –  27.11   repair training German SR-machines

Please register on time if needed. Further dates are of course possible.

If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For 2015 we wish you, your family and your co-workers all the best and hope for further good cooperation.

Best regards

WEKA Elektrowerkzeuge

Wilhelm Wurster