The new frequency converter FU15D

As a universal drive unit, the new FU15D frequency converter offers the option of operating all WEKA high-frequency devices.
By means of two different connectors both the wall saw WS75HF as well as the hand saws (TS40, TR40, TK40, HS40, HS50) and the core drilling machines HD16 and HD18 can be connected.

Further outstanding new features include the integration of a Bluetooth® interface for simple and secure execution of software updates (with the help of the WEKA Service App), as well as a display with membrane keyboard.

A LC display, which is protected behind a scratch-proof acrylic glass, gives the user access to a wide range of information and the user can adjust the settings on the frequency converter using the membrane keypad.

The integrated Bluetooth interface enables the intuitive and secure execution of software updates. The user always has access to the latest software version with the help of the WEKA Service App (available in the Google Play Store). He thus can carry out a software update directly on site without additional programming tool. The time-consuming and costly shipping to WEKA or the service partner is eliminated.