Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

herewith we inform you about news and changes:

1.    Prices for tools and spare parts

As informed in our letter “Information at the end of the year 2014″ of 19 December 2014 we have changed the prices for tools and spare parts as follows:

The prices for spare parts have been increased by 1,5%.

The prices for tools have been increased by 0,5%.

The delivery conditions have changed as follows:

The costs for overpack and pallets have been eliminated.

The latest spare part price lists can be downloaded in the login area on our homepage (service/spare parts lists).

The tool pricelist 2015 is now also available in our login area and can be downloaded as pdf-file (service/price list).

The new prices are valid from 01.03.2015 on.

2.    New Intellitronic for DK1 – DK3

In order to increase safety while working with WEKA-machines we have implemented a restart protection in the new Intellitronic.

In the past there has been a potential risk for the user in case there is a voltage loss in the electric mains: The machine stops (with locked switch). After activating the PRCD the machine starts immediately (unintended switching-on). In case no PRCD is used, the machine immediately starts when the voltage comes back!

With the integrated restart protection this is no longer possible. The Intellitronic prevents the machine from starting when the voltage is back, even if the switch is locked. The user first of all has to activate the PRCD and additionally unlock the switch and then start the machine again – deliberate action.

The integration of the restart protection made it necessary to modify the wiring of the board in the machine.

If the new electronic boards are connected in an old way, then the machine will not start – a damage of the electronic board will not occur.

The new wiring diagrams are added to the electronic modules in case of spare part orders and are available in our login area (service/spare parts drawings and wiring diagrams).

Please inform your service department about this modification.

3.    New high-frequency diamond core drill HD16

The new high-frequency diamond core drill HD16 was especially designed for drilling in tough environments and can be used both handheld as well as stand operated. The design is splash water proof according to protection class IP55, therefore it can be used to drill overhead without any additional provisions. The powerful high-frequency motor with 3700W and a weight of only 6,2 kg offers an excellent power/weight ratio.

The new high-frequency diamond core drill HD1603 (tool fixture: 1 1/4″ UNC + G1/2″) can be operated by two different frequency converters: FU04 D und FU06 U

Why two different frequency converters?

Frequency converter FU04 D – This small, well-priced converter is specially made for the HD16. The type name of the HD1603 in combination with the FU04 D is: HD1603.4

Frequency converter FU06 U – This compact converter can power and control several WEKA-machines: HD16, hand saw HS40.6, disc saw TS40 and in the future the chain saw TK40, ring saw TR40 and small wall saw WS50. The converter recognizes the connected machine by means of the coded plug and controls each connected machine individual.

The type name of the HD1603 in combination with the FU06 U is: HD1603.6

Please have a look at our price list for the different types.

HD16 in combination with extisting WEKA-frequency converter

If the customer already has a frequency converter type FU4 (diamond hand saw HS40 EMMA) then he can use this frequency converter for the DH1603.4.

The frequency converter type FU6 (diamond disc saw TS 40 ANNA) cannot be used directly for the HD1603.6 – the frequency converter has to be modified first.

4.    New diamond drill rig KS18

The new diamond drill rig KS18 is based on the proven WEKA-drill rig KS13.

All advantageous features of the KS13 as for example the guiding system that is extremely abrasion resitant and low in maintenance, the easy handling and low weight are adopted to the KS18. Furthermore the drilling range could be enlarged to 180mm!

A vaccum system for vacuum fixture and a water collecting ring are available as accessories.

For more information please have a look at the product data sheet on our homepage.

Best regards

WEKA Elektrowerkzeuge

Daniel Schrade