Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

herewith we inform you about news and changes that have been implemented in the past year and will still be carried out.

1. Programming adapter VP06 for frequency converter FU6U

The frequency converter FU6U is used as a universal drive and control unit for a variety of devices, i.a. TS40, TR40, TK40.

For existing products, the firmware of the FU6U and associated machine-specific parameters are regularly optimized. For newly developed products, the firmware of the FU6U is extended. Without this change, it is not possible to operate new devices on the FU6U.

In order to avoid costly and time-consuming shipping of the frequency converter to WEKA in these cases, the programming adapter VP06 has been developed.

With the programming adapter VP06, updates of the frequency converter can now be carried out independently by WEKA service partners. The instruction manual of the VP06, as well as all necessary programs and files can be downloaded in the login area of the WEKA homepage, in the section Service \ Download.

The programming adapter VP06 is now available for a net price of 45 EUR plus VAT.

2. PRCD in the adapter cable of the frequency converter FU6U

The frequency converter FU6U as a universal drive and control unit can be operated on both 230V and 400V 3 AC. For operation on 230V, an adapter cable (part of the scope of delivery) is required.

In order to meet changed standards requirements, a PRCD (Portable Residual Current Device) is now installed in the adapter cable for operation on 230V.

A conversion of existing adapter cables of old frequency converters can be made, but is generally not required.

3. Swivel blocks wall saw WS75

Sliding guides are used to guide the wall saw WS75 (H, F) on the guide rail.

The assembly / disassembly of the saw base on the guide rail is carried out by means of swivel blocks, to which sliding guides are also attached. These sliding guides have now been replaced by guide rollers. As a result, the friction was reduced when moving the wall saw base on the guide rail and a longer life-time was realized.

4. Electronic module DK1 – DK3

In 2015, a restart protection was integrated into the electronic modules in order to increase safety when handling WEKA machines.

Previously, a machine (with the power switch locked) could be switched on again “unintentionally” by activating the PRCD after a power loss. The new electronic modules with integrated restart protection prevent this “unintentional” set in motion. In addition to activating the PRCD, the user must now start the machine by deliberately restarting the machine at the power switch.

According to current knowledge, the integration of the restart protection has increased the sensitivity of the electronic module to water / sludge.

If, during operation of the core drilling machine, the circuit board becomes heavily contaminated with water / sludge, then the function of the restart protection may possibly be activated, whereby the machine can no longer be started. Once the sludge has dried again, the machine can be switched on again.

Especially if the following areas of the printed circuit board are contaminated (both DK1 and DK3), malfunctions may occur:

The critical area are the line-side connection points of the power terminal, as well as the associated pins on the underside of the circuit board.

The following measures have been taken to remedy the problem

∙ Changes to the hardware and software of the electronic modules
∙ Electronic modules of type DK1 are no longer encapsulated with resin but sealed with an insulating protective varnish (similar to electronic modules DK3). The protective coating ensures better sealing of the critical areas.

Please inform your service departments about this information.

Nevertheless, we point out that in principle it must be ensured that no water gets into the motor!

5. Repair trainings

Please contact us to arrange individual training sessions.

If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For 2018 we wish you, your family and your co-workers all the best and hope for a further good cooperation.

Best regards

WEKA Elektrowerkzeuge

Daniel Schrade